Industrial Design

Starting with Industrial Design phase, AeroPS investigates the process from ideas to feasible components or systems. E.g. in Aircraft Interior business communication starts with concepts followed by computer rendering and design models. AeroPS cooperates with design partners with international reputation to create competitive and manufacture-able solutions. Based on this your wishes will come true considering technical requirements, FAA/EASE prerequisites as well as weight and cost targets.

Detail Design

We ensure to bridge the project gap from Industrial Design to Detail Design. Highly experienced and qualified partners of AeroPS will guide this process from Digital Mock up (DMU) to detail part drawings. Components will be manage as a 3D Space Allocation Model (SAM), e.g. in CATIA and implemented into a DMU environment. Main challenge is to fulfill Interface requirements, which must be communicated with customers and partners to avoid „clashes“. After 3D design approval 2D design can start, where design staff has to be experienced in using specific tools, more important is the knowledge of product and material specifics. A complete engineering data set mostly contains 2D drawings, a bill of material (BOM) and installation drawing sets.

Validation & Verification

AeroPS plans and guide the process from 3D until 2D engineering data release and supports to implement the necessary design tools and processes. Depending on capacity needs, we involve qualified engineering sources or agencies around the world, which can support time- and cost- optimized with design capabilities.

Material Qualification

We also support Validation and Verification needs with suitable processes, tools and material, which are mandatory for safety of aerospace equipment. AeroPS performs V&V analysis, e.g. test plans (QTP = Quality Test Plan) in close communication with your Quality department. The results are documented in test reports (QTR = Quality Test Report), which are required for material or product certification.

Manufacturing Engineering

There is an important relation between Design and Production, therefore AeroPS monitors between production and design teams ongoing from the start of a project. It is the responsibility of experienced Manufacturing Engineering teams to avoid misunderstandings, or decides feasible technical and commercial solutions.  AeroPS supports Manufacturing Engineering with analysis, expertise and reports during planning and implementation phase.

Configuration Management

Configuration Management is a key subject. The configuration of all parts per aircraft must be managed and documented precisely, mainly via technical modifications (MOD) process. Customization in the civil aircrafts market, mainly in the aircraft interior business, challenges engineering changes and configuration management. AeroPS supports you with experience and own tools in planning and implementation of Configuration Management processes.