Global Sourcing

Global sourcing of materials and services is a given fact for aerospace business today and in the future. Low labor rates of low-cost or best-cost countries are major criteria during supplier selection, or fulfillment of offset obligations. AeroPS supports your sourcing team in Make-or-Buy decisions and during procurement process.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Your products and services must be delivered and performed on time and in quality. We support your team with optimized solutions in Supply Chain & Logistics combined with Global Sourcing. Starting with Supplier Selection and definition of Key-Performance-Indicators (KPI) we help to select appropriate Container and packaging solutions.

Import / Export

As mentioned under Supply Chain & Logistics, materials and goods are globally sourced, transported and installed wherever required by customers (OEM, Airline, 1st Tier, etc). Our Import / Export department is specialized in supporting your in decision processes and in operations. E.g. AeroPS can identify warehousing facilities, support customs process and manage forwarder companies in several European locations directly. We can manage your raw material flow, as well as your finished product logistics to your customer.

Manufacturing Optimization

Our Manufacturing Optimization department offers a variety of solutions to improve your production processes. Besides Lean-Management, Kaizen, or Kanban analysis we provide methods to develop your production teams. Our experience underlines the importance of team communication as a main driver of process optimization.

Mock Up / Prototypes

Even in a digital world, where 3D models and production animation tools defining production process flows theoretically, it is helpful to build a Mock Up, mainly for complicated and expensive products. A full size Mock Up allows engineers to validate their models and perform tests. Interior Mock Ups are needed for industrial design purposes and testing of safety features, including evacuation tests as required by FAA and EASA. AeroPS stays tune to support definition and build of a Mock Up.

Product Support

Aerospace requirements for components, equipment or systems considering maintenance, serviceability and product support needs also. After market business, e.g. MRO is an increasing market as more and more planes are in service. It is a 24 hours job in 365 days of a year and requires detailed planning, where AeroPS can support as requested.