Strategic Marketing

Every success is based on a strategy, which was planned, or even unplanned realized. Strategic Marketing is analytically investigating the market field and the own position in the market. Portfolios will visualize your products position compared to competition and explain potential areas of development. Based on facts and statistic data your win strategy will be developed traceable and controllable. AeroPS will consult you during definition and implementation of your marketing concepts.

Operational Marketing

Operational Marketing offers you active support in usage of marketing tools, e.g. direct sales, trade shows, internet advertising, postings, etc. Together with you we will develop a strong Corporate Design supported by well-respected marketing designers. This could include a new or redesign of a logo, homepage, trade show booth, always in line with your Corporate Identity and strategic goals.

Sales Support

As a separate part of Operational Marketing, our Sales Support acts as a strong support of your sales activities. We will prepare customer meetings and support your sales team during customer meetings as required.


If you need a on site customer Representation, we are prepared to cover this function, which is an added value and advantage starting with customer acquisition. This is mainly relevant for companies based in other time- and language zones. The aspect of cultural awareness is often under estimated, but is mandatory for customer communication.

M&A Support

M&A Support (Merge and Acquisition) provides facts and data to help and expedite your decision process. Besides other driving factors, an acquisition might mobilize Synergies, or increase market share in short term period, but have a great impact on each participating company. We work in cooperation with experienced M&A finance consultancy to realize your success.


Networking is not as easy as it sounds like. In aerospace industry it requires a long lasting customer relation and development with contacts in all levels of customer organizations. Besides personal relations to decision makers it is important to create a link between company organizations to prepare a solid communication fundament to base operational processes.