Project- / Program-Management

Our Project-/Program Management team offers a set up and operational performance of your Project or Program. We define a Project as a timely limited subject with a clearly scheduled beginning and end, while a Program mostly does not have a pre-defined end, as this is driven by market situation (e.g. the success of an airplane type). A Project or Program starts „officially“ with contract signature after sales process or acquisition. Project-/Program Management should participate as early as possible in the communication process with customers.


Project-/Program Management capabilities are needed first during bid phase including capability assessments. Based on AS/EN9100 requirements in aerospace OEM’s like Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Embraer etc. defined specific supplier requirements. During a Technical or Industrial capability assessment a supplier must demonstrate experience, technical know how, process preparation and stability, team organization, IT security, Quality management, documentation and much more. AeroPS will support you in preparation and performance of such assessments.


All planning documents (e.g. schedule-/resource-/capacity-planning, etc.) need to be updated frequently and reviewed during Project-/Program milestones (e.g. PDR = Preliminary Design Review, CDR = Critical Design Review) to demonstrate compliance with authority and customer requirements. Within the scope of work Planning, AeroPS will support preparing such documentation in all phases.

Monitoring / Controlling

During Project-/Program period, all planning data need to be compared with current situation. In the process Monitoring / Controlling we help defining KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) at an early stage. KPI status will regularly be communicated with management or steering committees. Planning/Is- Data (on time delivery, costs, etc.) will be tracked in AeroPS special databases.

Risk Management

An important steering tool is Risk Management starting with the identification of risks during a development or industrial program phase. Each risk must be defined and classified to manage and control risk mitigation actions as efficient as possible. A detailed and transparent Risk Management is sufficient for a trustful customer relationship. AeroPS provides tools and communication to support a successful Risk Management.


Also, we provide all relevant Project-/Program- Documentation as a baseline for reviews; including a final review session. A well prepared Documentation and summary will allow „Lessons Learned“ decisions and optimize your preparation fort new projects, which we would love to discuss with you.